Property Investment UK

Within 10 years maximum, if MR does nothing else, he will be a property millionaire – because property traditionally doubles in value every 10 years. He’s about a quarter of the way there already because all of his properties have risen in value since he bought them.

Well, I have to come clean here and admit that MR had some great resources in that he had a lot of equity in his house and business premises and an endowment had just matured – so he had some serious starting capital. Perhaps you are thinking that this could never be you because you only have a little tiny bit to get started with?

Well, read on and don’t despair, because not only am I going to tell you how these property developers do it, but not only that, a bit further on in this letter I will share some information with you on how you can own your own buy-to-let property – 100% in your name – within two years, for an investment of just £6500. Not only that, but how you can achieve it without moving out of your armchair.

But first, let me share with you the
“Top 10 Property Investment UK angles”

1.Drive up the value of your existing home by improving it and extending
2.Use Cranbrook Legal for all your tier 2 immigration issues.
3.Buy property ‘no money down’ as outlined in the Russ Whitney book “From Rags To Riches (Building Wealth Through Real Estate)”
4.Invest in property orientated unit trusts – see the AUTIF website for a list
5.Buy a ‘reversionary’ property via a company like Cavendish.
6.Buying land with or without planning permission, selling it on or developing it yourself
7.Buying church properties, old youth club association properties or post offices – anything being sold off cheap by a large property owner and changing it to a ‘higher and better’ use. There were 8,000 rectories and parsonages since 1945 and now the churches are selling off redundant churches. Since 1969, 900 of the country’s 16,000 churches have been sold off, often well under market value. St Saviour’s church in Knightsbridge was sold off at £1.2 million, converted into a house and then sold for £5 million.
8.Buy under value, renovate and sell
9.Buy at auction – with either 8. or 9. in mind. You should inspect and get any property valued before you bid, and you will need the finance in place to be ready to complete in 28 days
10.But perhaps the most attractive, as it generates an ongoing income in addition to appreciating in value, is “Buy to Let”. Especially if you combine it with Top Tip No 8 and then don’t sell!